Secured calls in over 150 countries from your mobile phone.

In GSM communication channel with the possibility
of substitution of the outgoing number and voice changes.

SafeCalls provides secure
and unlimited communication worldwide.

Calls to other countries
Incoming and outgoing calls
in over 150 countries.
Any number to call
In interlocutor determined the number that you specified when you call.
Secure communications
Calls can not be traced
and listen.

Premium cellular
around the world

Outgoing and incoming calls in any country.
No SMS for security purposes. Secure Internet (VPN).
High quality of calls.

100% guarantee
of privacy and security connection

Due to the forced encryption and protection from interception facilities - calls can not be traced or listen even when using special equipment.

Any number
of outgoing calls

Your companion will be determined the number that you specify when you call.

The substitution of an outgoing number is performed with the help of USSD commands on your phone.

Change voices
for every call

7 tones of voice to choose from: the function makes it possible to simultaneously distort his voice during a conversation.

SafeCalls SIM card works with
any mobile phones and smartphones
We need confirmation conversations secure? Send e-mail to get the documentation.

No need to install software
and internet connection.

Your calls are protected
SIM card SafeCalls combines complex mechanisms to maintain the confidentiality
of telephone calls in a mobile communication system.

Forced encryption.
It makes ignore commands from operators or complexes to intercept the encryption off in the SIM module.
Virtual Number.
Substitution room does not allow third parties to find out the real phone number, location or IMEI (a special identification number) of the mobile phone.
Protection against
interception complexes.
Actions interception set of principles based on the substitution of the real communication station and is a priority for all phones within range of the phone with a SIM card SafeCalls ignores the base with the highest level of signal.
Check possibilities
SafeCalls actually.
Call you with any number of your choice!

Order a SIM card SafeCalls €450

Price includes: SIM card + rate «SC.Infinity»
(unlimited calls to 30 days) + courier delivery.

Discount secure calls!
You get a discount on a subscription service
with a one-time payment for 3/6/12 months.

We do not ask for personal information when you buy and pay.

The courier will deliver the order at home or at work. Worldwide shipping is free.
Contents of delivery.
Instructions for use of the SIM card functions included.
Have more questions?
Specify a detailed consultation with a specialist SafeCalls.

The price of
the rate from €100.

Flexible for special customers.
From limited to unlimited rates.
Secure calls are included in every rate.


Contacting us

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